This website is designed to help you easily find a puppy from an
established breeder in the central Florida area. On this main page,  I
only advertise for  well established breeders who have a good
reputation and take excellent care of their adult dogs and the puppies.
Each breeder here will be able to honestly tell you about the breed
they are selling and be willing to stand behind each puppy sold.
Browse through our pages to learn about each breeder and their
dogs. You will also see what they have available with pictures and
information on how to contact them.
At the left of the page you will see the breeds of dogs we breed and
underneath each breed you will find a link leading you to the breeders
page. The breeds are in alphabetical order.  If you see this
next to the breeders name they have puppies now.
These puppies are sometimes sold at Howards Flea Market in
Homosassa. We also sell puppies for other responsible breeders in
the area both at the market and on the Fur Waggins section of this
website listed at the bottom of the list on the left. If you would be
interested in this service click here to read more about this.
Fur Waggins
It is always best to visit the person who has a puppy for sale. You should never buy a puppy sight unseen. Not only should you
see the puppy itself but you should also see how the puppy is raised and the home it comes from. How  it spends its first weeks
of life will reflect on its personality for the rest of its life. You should determine if the breeder really cares about their dogs or are
they just trying to make some money with little regard for their dogs happiness.
I have tried to make this job easier for you here as I know all these breeders and can vouch for them all. But please dont take my
word or anyone elses word for it. Go visit these people. If they didnt want you to come to their homes, they would not be on this
website. None of us are perfect at this. But all of us here do our very best to give the best care to our animals.
There is far to much animal cruelty in this world. This is a fact that will not be changed to quickly. It seems dog breeders have
been blamed for much of the cruelty that goes on. I have seen more then I wanted to of this type of animal abuse.  But the
majority of people I know who do this, love their dogs and their animals are a big part of their lives. Many will do without
themselves to see to it their dogs have what they need.  Is this how you feel about your dogs? do you breed your dogs. Would
you like to get and give advice to others who feel the same way you do? Do you spend a lot of money on advertising and would
like to spend less?.  Then we would like you to join this website,. We share information with each other and try to offer support all
in the spirit of making life better for our dogs. Please send me an
email. Someone will come visit you and tell you about this and
how it can benefit you..
Helping you find your new best friend
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breeder has pictures of
puppies or an
announcement of puppies
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their page.  These puppies
are for sale now or in the
near future. So if your
looking for a puppy, check
out these pages first.
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